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The Company

Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd. provides

consumer product testing, consulting, training, analysis and inspection services to major manufacturers, importers and retailers around the world. At Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd., our goal is to provide clients with unparalleled quality service at competitive prices. Maintaining the trust and respect of our clients is paramount in achieving our goals. We try our utmost to cultivate strong ties with each and every client striving to meet their needs.  


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Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd. has extensive experience working with international clients in different industries, helping them improve their performance and profitability.


Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd. is a member of British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA), by which the liaison work is carried out with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the BSI Group, EUROLAB, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS).


We apply our capabilities to a wide range of sectors, including toys, juvenile, chemical, electrical and electronics, microbiological, environmental, materials, hardlines and softlines.


Meeting Your Challenge

The ability to recognise your needs, means that we can provide the right practical advice, expert guidance and innovative solutions to your problems. A wealth of practical experience in technical solutions ensures that challenges such as design, development, manufacturing, processing and testing are welcomed and can all be met successfully.


Working in Partnership

The best results are achieved when your needs are met and exceeded; close co-operative working ensures that you get the best out of us. This philosophy has enabled us to establish successful partnerships across a wide range of sectors including toys, juvenile, chemical, electrical and electronics, microbiological, environmental, materials, hardlines and softlines.


Complete Integrity

For a product to succeed in today's sophisticated global markets it must out perform its competition. In addition, it must adhere to the standards laid down in a multitude of different regulations across a range of countries.

The challenge you face is to ensure that when you bring your product to market, you have total confidence in their integrity. This means ensuring that all appropriate quality and safety criteria have been met and exceeded. To achieve this it is vital you have a strong relationship with the experts who advise you, and we are your best choice on this.


The Reasons You Choose Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd.

» Extremely strong technical support to clients

» Flexibility in suiting different needs of different clients

» "Helpful” customer services guaranteed

» Competitive prices

» Accurate test results


Your Total Solution to Testing and Product Quality Assurance

As an intermediary agent in providing testing services, Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd meets clients’ needs through their experience in product testing and quality assurance. Strong expertise and flexibility are what separate us from our competition. We offer strong technical supports and try our utmost to become an integral part of our clients’ teams. At Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd, we are delivering unmatched quality.




See 'Terms and Conditions of Business' in the page of Testing Services.





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