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   ELECTRICAL TESTING                             UK Website_ FINAL.jpg

EMC Directive – 2004/108/EC                     CE mark.jpg  Foam.jpg

(repealing Directive 89/336/EEC) EU Directive relating to electromagnetic compatibility


EuP Directive 2005/32/EC establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-using products


R&TTE Directive – 1995/5/EC – EU Directive on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment (R&TTE) and the mutual recognition of their conformity


FCC Regulations


EN 62115

Safety of electrical toys


EN 60825-1

Safety of laser products. Equipment classification and requirements


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-15

Coffee-Maker, Cooking Pan, Egg Boiler, Kettle, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steam Cooker


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-14

Blender, Juice Extractor, Can Opener, Centrifugal Juicer, Coffee Mill, Food Mixer, Food Processor, Electric Knife, Knife Sharpener, Slicer, Potato Peeler


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-13

Deep Fat Fryers, Frying Pans


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-12

Warming Plates


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-9

Grills, Oven, Roaster, Toaster


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-8

Shavers, Hair Clippers


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-3

Electric Irons


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-2

Vacuum Cleaners


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-98



IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-91

Grass Trimmer


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-80

Portable Fan, Wall / Ceiling Fan


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-79

High Pressure Washer, Steam Cleaner


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-59

Insect Killers


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-45

Heat Gun, Soldering Iron


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-41

Water Pump


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-40

Air-Conditioner/ Dehumidifier


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-32



IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-31

Range Hood


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-30

Convector Heater, Liquid-Filled Radiator, Tubular Heater, Radiant Heater, Fan Heater

IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-29

Battery Charger


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-26



IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-25

Microwave Oven


IEC / EN / BS EN 60335-2-23

Hair Curler, Curling Iron, Hand Dryer, Hair Dryer









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